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We at Clear Choice Pool Fence are Not a franchise and have the added advantage of being able to purchase products from various manufactures. All our suppliers are based in the USA and all products meet the highest quality set by US Standards; this gives us the leading edge in the latest technology and allows us to offer various styles of fence. These are the strongest Aviation quality extruded aluminum poles and are designed for maximum strength. The Poles are engineered to provide the ultimate security standard in the industry, and are available in various colors. The coating on the posts are a baked on enamel finish. In this process color pigment is applied to the pole, the poles are then passed through a series of ovens where the pigment is fused on to the pole. As the poles cool the colors bond and glaze on the surface, this process prevents the poles from scratching, chipping and fading much like a domestic appliance.See-Through Textile® Or Interlock Nylon Mesh Woven UV protected nylon fabric is specially formulated to withstand fading, fire, mildew, soiling and wear and tear. These materials have been used in the US for many decades and have an unrivalled success record in the industry.Professionally Designed Customized and individually designed to your specific needs, the barrier is usually installed to follow swimming pools lines, spas, or patio areas, thus maximizing all options for added pool safety protection. The fence comes in 15-foot lengths with a pole every 36 inches allowing for optimum tension and safety. Fences are available in 4 and 5 foot heights and are equipped with lockable rust-resistant stainless steel safety latches to hold the sections together.Optional Integrated Self-Closing/Latching Gate We at Clear Choice Pool Fence offer a self-closing, self-latching gate that is totally removable. The gate supports we use are a double truss system making our gates the most efficient, safest and most stable gate on the market. We also use only the finest components available anywhere in the world (Magna-Latch®). Being integrated the gate blends with the looks of the entire fence. 

The System designed in Australia has won numerous International awards in the fields of technology and safety, and has become the leader in their field. The unique Magna Latch operating principle is extremely simple; as the open gate swings shut a magnetic device releases a piston in the Vertical rod allowing it to fall into a cup on the Horizontal rod. When the piston lodges in the cup a second magnet located in the cup then holds it there. No amount of shaking will dislodge the lock; the system also comes with a key locking mechanism and removable keys.The Magna-Latch locking system has been rigorously tested to more than 400,000 cycles. MAGNA-LATCH gate latches are designed to be the ultimate in safety locking devices securing our loved ones. The latch has been designed to meet strict international safety codes, including all codes relating to swimming pool gate safety.

Unsurpassed TRU-CLOSE gate hinges offer the latest in adjustable, self-closing gate hinges for gate applications. 

These strong, injection-molded hinges are made from a special blend of glass-fiber reinforced polymers, which prevents them from rusting, binding, sagging or staining. 

The internal torsion spring is made of high-grade stainless steel to ensure smooth, powerful closure and long life, even in the harshest seaside or arid environments. 

Magna Latch manufactures the patented, spring-loaded system and allows the homeowner to easily adjust the hinges using only a screwdriver. This inventive feature overcomes the typical spring fatigue problems associated with fixed-tension gate hinges. 

TRU-CLOSE hinges have been independently tested to comply with a range of international safety standards, especially those relating to pool fences and gates. They are the only safety hinges offering a lifetime warranty against rust or corrosion and are designed to outperform all comparable gate-closing devices.